Lord, let me long for your coming more than the watchman waits for dawn.
Come Lord Jesus, Come! Come long expected Jesus and rule over us.
Dispel the world of all darkness and let your glorious light shine ever upon it.

Sooner or later; yet at last
The Jordan must be past;

It may be he will overflow
His banks the day we go;

It may be that his cloven deep
Will stand up as an heap.

Sooner or later: yet one day,
We all must pass that way;

Each man, each woman, humbled, pale
Pass veiled within the veil;

Child, parent, bedside companion,
Alone, alone, alone.

Then Awful Judge, most Awful God,
Then cause to bud Thy rod,

To bloom with blossoms, and to give
Almonds; yes, bid us live.

I plead Thyself with Thee, I plead
Thee in our utter need:

Jesus, most merciful of Men,
Show mercy on us then;

Lord God of Mercy and of men,
Show mercy on us then.  ( C. Rossetti)

O Holy One of Israel, you ask of me to be your servant, teach me to bear faithful witness to you, my Saviour and Redeemer.

Response: Have mercy Lord.

Lord be not angry with me, nor remember my sins for ever. R.

Lord, our Saviour, deliver me from the tyranny of sin. R.

Lord, who frees us from sin, may I repent of my sins quickly. R.

            Lord, our Redeemer, help me to overcome my besetting sins. R.

O Sapientia, which came down to earth, teach me wisdom.

O Adonai, the Leader of your people, teach me obedience to your laws.

O Radix Jesse, the deliverer of Israel, deliver me from the imprisonment of sin.

O Clavis David, ruler of your people, free me from the shadow of death.

O Oriens, the Sun of Righteousness, dispel my darkness and enlighten my mind.

O Rex gentium, king of all nations, rule over me as a member of your kingdom.

O Emmanuel, the desire of us all, be with me now and at the hour of my death.

O Virgo virginum, the fairest of all women, and God’s instrument in this Divine     Mystery of His coming, pray for me to desire your Son above all things.

Response after each petition:
Teach me to behold you as my Saviour and Master.

Lord, you have come to restore us. R.

Lord, you have come to give us light. R.

Lord, you have come to give us peace. R.

Lord, you have come to show us truth. R.

Lord, you have come to bring justice. R.

Lord, you have come to establish your kingdom. R.

Gracious God help me to watch with you during this Advent season, so that I may cast away the works of darkness and put on the armour of light in readiness for your coming as the Babe at Bethlehem and then as the Son of Man. Come, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Marianne Dorman
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