A new and tantalising star 
shone in the night’s sky.
What could this herald? 
Thought some astrologers,

It seemed to beckon,
Come, follow me.
The challenge taken,
Magi loaded camels.

The star guided them over 
desolate and dangerous terrain,
Never safe from robbers,
Hallucinations on the horizons.

A week past into another,
The star still beckoning 
to travel in foreign land 
far away from home.

The star paused over a city
Jerusalem, ruled by Herod.
Scribes searched Scripture 
to find a meaning.

In Bethlehem Ephratah,
 a child to rule.
This is the very reason 
the star led us so far.

Guided, the star rested
Over a humble site,
inside a Child slept, 
protected by a loving Mother. 

Leaving precious gifts behind, 
symbolising many things, 
magi leave a different way 
after beholding the holy Babe.


Leafless trees dotted the horizon 
a bleak, frozen morning 
trod I, lost in thought.
Would snowdrops soon appear 
to herald longer days?

Tonight a chapel in candlelight, 
signifying some importance. 
Candlemass, it is.
“A light to lighten the Gentiles,” 
prophesied the aged Simeon 
blessing the Christ-Child.

The inspired Simeon 
acknowledges this Child 
to dispel the grip of darkness 
with His piercing light 
to all humble and gentle souls 
believing in Him as their Saviour.


Trekking the hills from her home, 
a journey of no small distance, 
the teenage Mary set out 
in playful spirit and love.

What joy exploded 
in meeting her cousin, Elizabeth.
The child leapt in her womb, 
signifying a greater honour.

She knew; she welcomed; 
the mother of her Lord, 
now blessed of all mothers, 
but more blessed her son.

Joy overflows in Mary’s heart;
Praising God for many things;
His care for the poor 
and praise for the humble.


What were you doing
kneading, sewing, 
perhaps reading 
from Holy Scriptures?

Could you been reading Isaiah 
in the time of king Ahaz 
a young woman bearing a child 
would bring hope to the people?

Her steel concentration,
disturbed by a voice.
More disturbing words,
“Be not afraid.”

What can this mean?
Mary pondered deeply.
Broken by startling words,
A mother to the Holy One.

Like Abraham, content,  
to be God’s very vessel 
in fulfilling His plan, 
the birth of the Saviour.
Marianne Dorman

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This sublime mystery
A puzzlement to all.
Who can explain it?
Many have tried.

I wish not to explain, 
simply to behold the mystery. 
Knowing through God’s creation
I am a minuscule of that mystery,

Let me ponder gracious God, 
the inter-play of the Love-knot, 
whirling in cosmic space, 
yet also humming in my heart.


Too much, too much, the favoured ones,
Tumbling, tumbling to the ground.
Overwhelmed by a powerful presence, 
drove them down, down.

Meanwhile the Divine Himself
entertain two important guests,
a lawgiver and a prophet,
speaking of the divine plan, 

As they conversed this matter, 
shrouded in glorious radiancy, 
they heard the Father proclaimed, 
“This is my beloved Son.”