Morning breaks.
Pale streaks
outline women.

Why so early?
Why so quickly?
Why so intently?

Look they are heading
for the new-hewn tomb
where the crucified was laid;
With baskets of herbs
Fresh from the garden.
They stop!
Shock! Amazement!
crowd their faces.
Voices echo through the silence
He is not here but risen.

Could it be true?
Remember! Remember!
What the Master taught:
He had to die
To conquer death.

Yes, yes, He is alive!
Alive for ever!
What news to tell,
What joys to share,
Death has no more sting.
     That two syllable word
      stifled her weeping.
      Could it be true?
      Not the gardener
      but my Master.
      What joys surged!
      What delights feels her heart!
       She raises her hand to                 .                        EMBRACE.

       Mary  not now!
       A more important task
       I need of you.
      Tell the disciples what you see.
       I am alive!
       I have arisen
       And shall ascend to my Father
       and their Father too
       As Mary hastened,
       she sung in here heart,
       'I have seen the Lord,'
       Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.
Mary why weepest thou so?
Those hot bitter tears
so early in the morning.

I seek my dearest Rabbouni,
Where is his body?
I want so much to anoint.

In her blurred vision
The gardener she perceived,
Tell me where He is?

Mary, Mary, dear Mary,
Rabbouni! You are alive!
O happy the thought.

The Holy Spirit came like lightning
Electrifying the air.
Mary with the disciples
quivered with its intensity.

Jesus had promised
Not to leave them desolate
That He would always be
present amongst them.

This was overpowering
ravaging and convulsing them
into people of intense fire
for their beloved Master.

Overbrimming with ecstasy
Peter proclaimed this new life
Awaiting all who listened
On the day of Pentecost.

It is only this power
that enables us to love
to comfort and encourage
and discern right from wrong.

Breathe of me then,
dear breath of God
and fill me overflowing
with your divine spirit.  M.D
Her happiness overflowing
she reaches out to touch,
to hold, to embrace once again.

No, no, Mary, you must not,
I have a more important task
you are to be my apostle too.

I want you to tell my disciples
I ascend to my Father and yours,
My God and yours.

“I have seen the Lord!”
Mary blurted to the disciples.
He is not dead but alive!  M.D

Throughout the day
For precious way
To pursue God's grandeur 
in the beauty of song.

Yet, it is the silent work,
The presence of grace
Bestowing and bestowing
Love and patience,
Tolerance and kindness,
Endurance and forgiveness
To which I thrill.

Yes Lord to-day
You have not given
Yourself in vain
At the altar 
Your work is undertaken 
by these frail hands

Marianne Dorman

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Mt. Sinai on fire,
Hebrew children deafened 
as peels of thunder shout,
Moses shrouded by a cloud.

Fifty days after fleeing
Pharaoh’s cruel anger.
God makes covenant 
With runaway slaves. 

They who were no people, 
are now my chosen people, 
bound to me in covenant 
to love me and my commandments.

Years and years later, 
followers of the risen Lord, 
gather together in David’s city, 
to offer first fruits at Pentecost.

A mighty, gushing wind 
intruded their prayers and praises.
God again interrupting 
as fire and noise abound.

Just in Babel long ago 
men spoke in different tongues.
Not to scatter this time 
but together in the Spirit.