O Lord thou knowest whereof we be made; thou remembrest
           we are but dust, but filth, frayle flesh, but a wind
           that passeth away, and cometh not againe.
Remember Lord what my substance is. 
O Lord consider my complaint for I am brought very low
Let my present misery more prevayle to stir compassion, then
           my sinfull life past to provoke thine indignation
O Lord God how longe wilt thour be angry with thy servant
    that prayeth?
Behold I shew unto thee the lowliness of a poore supplyant,
                           shew  not to me the rigour of a fearfull judge.  (an act of trust)         

Not for o Lord, not for us, not for any thinge of ours.
    1. for thy selfe thine own selfe
    2. for thy name, for the glory of that name.
   3. for thy faythfullnes and truth.
   4. for thy mercyes thy many great and wonderful mercyes.
   5. for thy sonne our mediatour 
 blessed spirit our comforter. 
     O deliver not thine owne inheritance into the will of the 
      Lord carest thou not that I perish?
     I am thine, o save me
Behold o Lord how that I am thy servant
      I am thy servant and the sonne of thy 
    handmayd,  thy unprofitable wastfull 
    servant, yet thy servant
                   thy unkind lost child, yet thy child.
      Though I have not reteyned the dutye and kindness of a sonne,
           yet doe not thou cast from thee the kindness & compassion 
                  of a father.  (another act act of trust)

Lord I have not denyed thy name, but confessed it ever, and 
     in the confession of it, and invocation thereof I desire
     to spend my last breath.

O Lord I have prepared my heart to seeke thee, though not 
                    accordinge to the rule of thy sanctuary.

       O Lord I believe, helpe my unbeleife.
O Lord I freely forgive, whomsoever I have any thing against
O Lord I have patiently borne whatsoever thy hand layeth 
             upon me for my chastisement
O Lord I come unto thee weary and heavy laden, thou hast 
     bid me come, thou hast promised him that cometh to thee
     that thou wilt not cast him out.  (another act act of trust)

I have sinned but I hide it not
     excuse it not, like it not.
I will confesse my wickedness and be
     sorry for my sinne. My con 
             fusion is dayly before me, and the
                     shame of my face hath covered me.

                      1.  I have touchinge thee o Lord been full
                     of rovinge imaginations & evill thoughts
                    I have not studied to seek & know
                         thee as I ought. 
                       thee I have not glorifyed thee nor
                       beene thankfull to thee accordingly.
                   I have doubted of thy promises & not
                       trusted to thy helpe
                   I have made flesh mine arme & 
                       hoped for prosperitye rather from
                       man then from thee

                      2.   I have neglected invocation & adoration,
        and not performed it
                with the duty and reverence that I should
                             I have not beene thankfull especially 
                                not for thy chastisements
             I have not worshipped thee in spirit & in truth
             I have beene more carefull of the
         outward ceremoniall part of  
         thy worship, then of the inward & spirituall
      I have drawne neere to thee with my lips,
          but my heart hath beene farre from thee.

3.   I have not spoken of thy name with due regard
     I have not given occasion to others
         to sanctifye thy name, but 
         rather by my evill life, it hath
         beene evil spoken of.
             I have not duly reverenced, and regarded
          those thinges, whereon
          thy name is imprinted.
             I have with rash oaths and eager execrations
                   oft abused thy holy name.

                      4.   I have not brought to thy publike
                               service  the care & reverence
                                that became me.
                            I have not spent the days consecrate
         thereto in holy exercises
                            I have upon no sufficient cause
                                absented my selfe from thy holy
                            I have upon those dayes intended
                       mine owne private business
                            I have been content in them with the 
                                use of the meanes alone, without
         any practise at all.

                      5.   I have not so reverently spoken 
                               nor so dutifully carryed my
                               selfe, towards some as thou hast 
                               placed over me, as was meet I should.
                    I have not so carefully prayed
         for them as was requisite.
             I have not opposed to those who have
                        unreverently spoken of them,
                        chiefly of those who had in go-
                government touchinge my soule.

      6.     I have not wished and procured
          the good of my neighbours as I
          should, but rather maligned beene
          angry and quarrelled with them
          & sought revenge upon every light
              I have not  had that compassion on the
           poore that I should, nor ministered to
           their necessityes.
              I have not defended them against the
                   wronge of others as I might.
              I have not reioyced in the good suc-
                   cesse of my neighbour, but envyed
                  his wellfare.

                       7.     I have not possessed my vessell
           in holiness & honour, nor preserved
           it from pollution as the Temple
                                   of the Holy ghost should be.
                               I have not eschewed the occasions of
           lust, nor made that covenant with
            mine eyes that I should
                I have suffered my fancye to wander
                    too licentiouslye
                               I have not brought under my body
                          nor kept it in subiection with
                          such abstinence as I should.
                               I have more studiously intended &
                          with more cost my flesh then my spirit.
       I have not so kept mine eares and
                   tongue as I should.

      8.      I have not beene content with mine
                   own estate, but wished an higher
       I have not beene so exact in payinge
           & dealinge with those I
           have dealt withall as in iustice
           I was bound.
                               I have by undue meanes intervervened
                                  to mine own use that which  was not mine.
                               I have not of that I had more then
            enough beene willinge to part
            with to the releefe of the needye.

                      9.      I have not beene so studious of 
                                  speakinge the truth as I should
                               I have desired to seeme and to be
           reputed more then I was.
               I  have not had that care of the good
           name of my brother, as I was bound.
                               I have not so hated flattery as I should.
        I have not so stood and defended the
           truth as was meet I should.

      10.      I have beene full of wandrings desires,
             wicked affections, unlawfull
              concupiscences, evill suspicions &
              surmises, immoderate lusts touchinge
                                     my neighbour, and that which is his.  
                                   (confession divided into ten sections 
                                    based on the Commandments)

            O remember not the sinnes and
offences of my youth. Ps. 25.7.
For youth & childhood are
                             but vanitye. Eccl. 11.10. 

            Lord I am not worthy thou shouldst
                                come under the sordid roof of mydwellinge
                                                   For it is wholly desolate & ruinous,
            neyther canst thou (within me) have
            a fit place where to repose thy head. Math. 8.8.                                              
                            But as thou didst vouchsafe to rest
                                   in the stable & manger of bruite beasts. Luc. 2           
     As thou didst not disdayne to be
                                   entertayned in the house of Simon the leper. Math. 26.6.
     As thou didst not forbid the Adulterous sinner (my likenes) to draw
                                                           neere and touch thee. Luc. 7.39.
                                             Nor didst abhorre her impure and prophane mouth.
                      Neither the thefe confessinge thee
                                           on the Crosse Luc. 23.43


                           Vouchsafe also to receive me
                           An outworne wretched and
                             most unworthy sinner.  
In the presence of thy Sacrament
                      we therefore O Lord, even we
       Remembringe the savinge passions of thy Christ                 
                                   His life-givinge Crosse
                                     most precious death
                                     three dayes burial
                                     resurrection from the dead
                                     Ascention into heaven
                                     Session on the right hand of God the Father


           Let me so receive these mysteryes that
                    I may become worthy to be ingrafted
                        into thy bodye (which is the church)
                    That I may become one of thy members
                        and thou my head,
                     That I may remayne with thee &
                 thou in me
                             That now not I in myselfe
                                 but thou in me and I in thee
                                 may forever continue
                                 in an insoluble bond of love.
                              Wash out the staines of my old and fresh sins
                       Neither let any sinfull spot abide
                 where so pure sacraments have entred.
               Through this Sacred mystery
                           which I heere call upon to my aide
                                Bury me (alreadye dead to this world)
                           with thee in thy grave.   (communion prayer)
                                        And receivinge this sacrament worthily
                                        Let us procure Christs dwellinge in our hearts
                            and be made the Temple of thy holy Spirit.
                  Even soe o Lord
                                 Neither make any of us guilty
                             of the reverend & heavenly mysteryes
                                 Neither feeble and weake in mind or bodye
                             for the unworthy receivinge of them.
                                 But grant that to the latest gaspe
                             we may worthilye entertayne
                                 The hope of these Holy Sacraments
              of thine.  (communion prayer  end of this sequence)

From Lambeth Palace Ms. 3708 

"It is good for me to hold me fast by God, and to put my trust in the God of my salvation."
We have now, O Christ our God, finished and perfected, according to our ability, the mystery of Thy dispensation.
For we have  (had the memorial of Thy death;
                      (seen the type of Thy resurrection;
                      (been filled with Thy endless life;
                      ( enjoyed Thy never-failing dainties;
Whereof vouchsafe to make us all partakers in the world to come.
From Vol. 11, p. 336 of Andrewes' Works.

Marianne Dorman
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