Morning Prayers for Sunday 

By the tender mercies of our God, the Day-spring from on high hath visited us. S. Luke i. 78.

Glory be to Thee,
O Lord,
Glory be to Thee,
Who createdst the Light, to enlighten the world. Genes. i. 2. 
The Visible Light:
The beams of the sun; 
The flame of fire;
The day and night;
The evening and morning. 
The Intelligible Light;
That which is
      {Known of God. Rom. i. 19.
      {Written in the Law. S. Luke x. 26. 
  The oracles of the Prophets; 
The melody of the Psalms; 
The instruction of the Proverbs; 
The knowledge of Histories. 
The Eternal Light, without any evening.
God is the Lord, who hath shewed us light: keep an holy-day, full crowding up even to the horns of the altar. Psal. cxviii. 27.

By Thy Resurrection raise us unto newness of life, affording unto us the means of repentance.
O God of peace, who didst bring again from the dead the Lord Jesus Christ, the great Shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting Testament;
Make us perfect in every good work, to do His will, working in us that which is well-pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory for ever and eves. Amen. Heb, xiii. 20, 21.

O Thou, who, upon this day, didst send down Thy most Holy Spirit upon Thy disciples, withdraw not the same again from us, but renew it daily in us, Psal. li. 10, 11, who call upon Thee.

Merciful and gracious Lord, long-suffering, and of great pity, I have sinned, Lord, I have sinned against Thee.
O wretched man that I am! Rom. vii. 24.
I have sinned against Thee, O Lord, I have greatly and grievously sinned; and that by giving heed to vanity and lies. P. Jonas ii. 8.
I conceal nothing. H. Jos. vii. 19.
I pretend no pretences. Psal, cxli. 4.
I give glory unto Thee, O Lord, this day. H. Jos. vii. 19. I confess my sins against myself;
In very deed I have sinned against the Lord; and thus and thus have I done. H. Jos. vii. 20.
O what have I done? P. Jer. viii. 6, and Thou hast not punished  me, as my sins have deserved. H. Job xxxiii. 27.
And now what shall I say? or, how shall I open my mouth?
What shall I answer, for I, even I have done it. 
                             I am
Without   {any pretence,
              {all excuse. Rom. ii. 1.
I am condemned of myself Tit. iii. 11.
My destruction is from myself. P. Hos.  xiii. 9.
To Thee, O Lord, belongeth righteousness : but to me confusion of face. P. Dan, ix. 7.

And Thou art just in all that is come upon me; for Thou hast done right, but I have done wickedly. H. Neh. ix. 33.
 And now what is my hope? Art not Thou, O Lord? 
Surely, my hope is from Thee. Psal. xxxix.  
Surely, I have hope of salvation,
Surely, Thy loving-kindness vanquisheth the multitude of my sins.
O remember upon what I subsist. Psal. lxxxix. - 46.
       That I am
               The work
              of Thy hands,
The image of Thy countenance,
The price of Thy blood,
Called by Thy Name, A sheep of Thy flock,
A son of Thy covenant.

O despise not the work of Thine own hands. Psal, cxxxvii.8. 
Despise not Thy image and likeness. 
Hast Thou made me for nought? Psal. lxxxix. 46. 
Even for nought, if Thou destroy me. 
And, What profit is there in my destruction? Psal. xxx. 9.
Thy enemies will rejoice at it. Psal. xxv.9.
Let them not rejoice, O Lord;
Do not gratify Thine enemies with my destruction.

Look upon the face of Thy Christ; Psal. lxxxiv. 9.
And by the blood of Thy testament, P. Zech. ix. 11.
By His propitiation for the sins of the whole world, 1 S. John ii. 2.
Lord, be merciful to me a sinner. S. Luke xviii. 13. 
Be merciful, O Lord, to me, 
       {first }
the  {chief}      of sinners. 

For Thy Name's sake, O Lord, be merciful to my sin, 
For it is {great, Psal. xxv. 11.
            {very great ;
Even for that Thy Name, beside which there is no other name under heaven given among men, whereby we may be saved. Acts iv. 12.

The Holy Spirit Himself helping our infirmities, and making intercession for us, with groanings which cannot be uttered. Rom, viii. 26.

For the
Paternal bowels
    of God the Father;
Bleeding wounds 
    of God the Son;
Unutterable groans
    of God the Holy Ghost.
O Lord, hear; O Lord, forgive;
O Lord, hearken and do;
Defer not, for Thine own sake, O Lord, O Lord, my God. P. Dan, ix. 19.
But, as for me, I do not forget my offences; for they are ever before me. Psal. li. 3.
I recount them in the bitterness of my soul. H. Job vii. 11. 
I am perplexed, I take thought for them. Psal. xxxviii. 18. 
And turning myself, I mourn. P. Isa. xxx. 15. secundum LXX.
I am moved with indignations,
I take vengeance on}
I am diapleased with }    myself,
I abhor and chasten  }
That I do it no  {better.
                      { fuller.
I repent, Lord ; Lord, I repent: 
Help Thou my want of repentance 
And yet more and more
Pierce }
Break  } my bent, 
Grind  }

Pass by, forgive, and pardon all my transgressions, which make my heart ache, and are a scandal to me. 1 P. Sam. xxv. 31.
Cleanse Thou me from my secret faults;
Keep Thy servant also from presumptuous sins. Psal. xix. 12. 13.
Make Thy mercies to be admired over me, who am an high and notorious sinner;
And say unto me in due time, Be of good cheer, Thy sins are forgiven thee. S. Matt. ix. 2.
My grace is sufficient for thee. 2 Cor. xii. 9.
Say unto my soul, I am thy salvation. Psal. xxxv. 3.

Why art thou so heavy, O my soul? and why art thou so disquieted within me? Psal. xlii. 6, 14, and xliii. 5.
Turn again then unto thy rest, O my soul: for the Lord will he gracious unto thee. Psal. cxxi. 7.

* O Lord, rebuke me not in Thine indignation, neither chasten me in Thy heavy displeasure. Psal. vi. l.
* I said, I will confess my sins unto the Lord, and so Thou forgavest the wickedness of my heart. Psal. xxxii. 6.
*   Lord, Thou knowest all my desire, and my groaning is not hid from Thee.  Psal. xxxviii. 9.
*   Have mercy upon me, O Lord, after Thy great goodness, according to the multitude of Thy mercies, do away mine offences. Psal. li. 1.
*   Lord, Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon me, for it is time that Thou have mercy upon me, yea, the time is come. Psal. cii. 13.
*     If Thou, Lord, wilt be extreme to mark what is done amiss, O Lord, who may abide it? Psal. cxxx. 3.
*     Enter not into judgment with Thy servant; for in Thy sight shall no man living be justified. Psal. cxliii. 2.
*     Collected out of the Seven Penitentials.

I lift up my hands, O Lord, unto Thy commandments, which I have loved. Psal. cxix. 48. 
Open mine eyes, and I shall see. Ver. 18.
Incline my heart, ver. 36, and I shall affect.
Order my steps, ver. 133, and I shall walk in the path of Thy commandments.
O Lord God,
Be Thou my God.
Let me have no other God but Thee;
No other beside Thee;
Nothing else with Thee.
Grant that
I may worship and serve Thee,
         {1. Truth of spirit ;
With   {2. Decency of body 
  {3. Benediction of mouth ;
      In  4. Public and private.
Grant also,
That I may render,
           5. Honour to my governors,
By obedience and submission to them who have the rule over me, Heb. xiii. 17.
Natural affection to those who belong to me,
By taking care of, and providing for them. 1 Tim. v. 8.
That I may,
           6. Overcome evil with good. Rom. xii. 21.
           7. Keep my vessel in holiness and honour. 1 Thess. iv. 4.
           8. Have my conversation without covetousness, and be content with such things as I have. Heb. xiii. 5.
           9. Profess the truth with charity. Ephes. iv. 15.
          10. Desire, not    {Lust in concupiscence. 1 Thess. iv. 5. 
                                    {Walk after my lusts. 1 5. Pet. iv. 3. S. Jude ver. 16.

The Fence of the Law.
Give me grace, O Lord,] 
        {Bruise the serpent's head. Gen. iii. 15.
        {Remember the last ends. Deut. xxxii. 29.
To            {Cut off the occasions of sin. 2 Cor. xi. 12. 
         {Be sober. 1 S. Pet. v. 8.
Not to sit idle. S. Matt. xx. 6.

        { Shun wicked company. Psal. xxvi. 4, 5. Tit. iii. 10. 
        {Consort with good men. Rom, xii. 9. 
To          {Make a covenant with mine eyes. H. Job xxxi. l. 
      {Bring my body into subjection. 1 Cor. ix. 27. 
      {Set apart times for prayer. 1 Cor. vii. 5. 
      {Withdraw myself for [the exercise of] repentance. 2 S. Pet. iii. 9.
Hedge up my way with thorns, that I find not the path to follow after vanity. P. Hos. ii. 6.
Hold me in with bit and bridle, when I keep not close to Thee. Psal. xxx.  9.
O Lord, compel me to come in unto Thee. S. Luke xiv. 23.

Lord, I believe
                     {Father,  }
In Thee,      {the Word, }One God.
1. That by Thy love and power all things were created.
2. That, by Thy goodness and love to mankind, were gathered together in one all things in Thy Word.
                                 For us men, and for our Salvation, 
                                              was made flesh;
                                        Conceived and Born;
                                              Did Suffer,
                                                   was Crucified 
                                         Did Die,
                                                was Buried 
                                              Did Descend;
                                                and Rose again;
                                               Did Ascend, 
                                               and Sitteth 
                                              Return, Reward.
3. That by the illumination and operation of the Holy Spirit, a peculiar people is called, out of the whole world, to be a corporation,
                       {The belief of the truth. 2 Thess. ii. 13.
According to     {Holiness of conversation 1 S Pet iii.2
By whom we are made partakers
Of the
Communion} of       {Saints
Remission  }   {Sins,
       in this present world; 
By whom we look
For    {Resurrection of the flesh, 
         {Eternal life, 
          in the world to come.

This most holy faith, once delivered to the Saints, (S. Jude, ver. 3,)
Lord, I believe;
Help Thou mine unbelief, S. Mark ix. 24.
Supply the defects of my weak faith. S. Luke xvii. 5.
Grant me also,
To   {Love the Father for His tender love
      {Adore the Almighty, for His power.
To commit the keeping of my soul to Him, in well-doing, as unto a faithful Creator. 1 S. Pet. iv. 19.
                  Grant me to enjoy
               {Jesus, }      Salvation,
From       {Christ,  }   Anointing,
               {the only-begotten Son,
To serve the Lord, 
          For His Conception,
in faith.
For His Nativity,
in humility.
For His Sufferings,
in patience and antipathy to sin. 
For His Cross,
in crucifying all occasions of sin. 
For His Death,
in mortifying the flesh.
For His Burial,
in burying my bad purposes by good works. 
For His Descent,
in meditation upon hell.
For His Resurrection,
in newness of life. 
For His Ascension,
in setting my affections on things above. 
For His Session,
in seeking those better things at His right hand. 
For His Return,
in awe of His second coming. 
For His Judgment,
in judging myself, before I come to be judged.
From the Spirit,
To receive
The breath of saving grace.
To be partaker 
In the Church,
of vocation; 
In the Holy Church,
of sanctification; 
In the Catholic Church,
of distribution and communication,
{Holy mysteries,
Of {the prayers,
           {Fastings, groans,
           {Watchings, tears,
        and suffering of afflictions.
To a firm persuasion of the remission of my sins. 
To a confident hope
    Of  {Resurrection   }  to  life
         {Translation      }  eternal

O Thou, that art the hope of all the ends of the earth, and of them that remain in the broad sea, Psal. lxv. 5.
O Thou, on whom our fathers hoped, and Thou didst deliver them; in whom they trusted, and were not confounded. Psal. lxxi. 4, 5.

O Thou, who art my hope     
Even from my Youth, Psal. lxxi. 4.
Mother's breasts,
On whom I have been left from the womb, Psal. xxii. 9, 10.
Be Thou still, and still, my hope and my portion in the land of the living. Psal. cxlii. 6.
My hope is in
Thy      Nature, Names,
   Types, Word,
O let me not be ashamed of this my hope. Psal. cxix. 116. 

O Thou, who art the hope of all the ends of the earth, Psal. lxv.  5.
Remember all Thy creatures for good. 
Visit the world with Thy mercies.
            O Thou preserver of men, H. Job vii. 20. 
O Lord, the lover of men, 
Remember all mankind; and
Thou, who hast shut up all in unbelief, Rom. xi. 32. 
Have mercy upon all, O Lord.
O Thou, who didst die, rise, and revive,
That Thou mightest be Lord both of the dead and living, Rom. xiv. 9.
Whether we live or die,
Thou art our Lord. Ver. 8.
Whether living or dying,
Have mercy upon us, O Lord.
O Thou, the helper of the helpless, the refuge in due time of trouble, Psal. ix.9.
Remember all who are in any necessity, and stand in need of Thy help.
O Thou, the God of grace and truth, S. John i. 14. 
Confirm all who stand in grace and truth. 1 Thess. iii. 2, 13. and 2 S. Pet. i. 12.
Restore all who are sick of heresy and sin. Gal. vi. 1. and i Tim. vi. 4.
O Thou, who art the buckler and horn of salvation, through Thy Christ, Psal. xxviii. 9.
Think upon Thy congregation, whom Thou hast purchased and redeemed of old. Psal. lxxiv. 2.
Let there be one heart and one soul of all believers. Acts iv. 32. 
O Thou, who walkest in the midst of the golden candle sticks, Revel, ii. 1.
Remove not our candlestick out of the place thereof. Revel. ii. 5.
Set in order the things that are wanting. Tit. i. 5. 
Establish what remains, which Thou mightest reject. Revel. iii. 2.
O Thou, who art the Lord of the harvest, 
Send forth labourers sufficiently enabled by Thee into Thy harvest. S. Matt. x. 38.
O Thou, who art the portion of them who  continually attend in Thy temple, 1 Corinth. ix. 13.
{Thy Clergy may rightly divide the Word of Truth, 2 Tim. ii.  15.
Grant, that  {They may walk uprightly, according to the same. Gal. ii. 14.
Grant, that all they who love Christ may obey and submit themselves to them. Heb. xiii. 17.
O Thou, the King of all nations to the ends of the  earth, 
Establish all Governments in all the world, as being Thine own ordinance, Rom. xiii. 2, though an ordinance among men. 1 S. Pet. ii. 13.
Scatter Thou the people that delight in war. Psal. lxviii. 30.
Make wars to cease in all the world. Psal. xlvi. 9.
O Lord, who art the hope of the islands, and on whom the isles wait, P. Isa. li. 5. and lx. 9.
Deliver this island and country wherein we dwell, from all distress, danger, and necessity. S. Chrysost.
O Thou, who art the Lord of lords, and Prince of princes,
Be mindful of all princes, to whom Thou hast given  right to rule upon earth.
But, above all, be mindful of our most gracious King,  preserved by Thee:
Work mightily with him, and prosper him in all things: 
Speak good unto his soul, for Thy Church's, and for Thy people's sake.
Grant unto him a settled peace, which may not be taken away; 
That in his prosperity we may lead a quiet and peaceable life, in all godliness and honesty. 1 Tim. ii. 2. S. Chrysost,
Thou, by whom all powers are ordained and ordered,

Grant to
All that be in eminency at Court, that they may be eminent in virtue, and in the fear of Thee, 
The Council, Thy holy wisdom,
All that are in power and authority over us, that they may have no power to do anything against the truth, but for the truth, 2 Corinth. xiii. 8,
The Judges, Thy judgments, that they may judge all persons in all causes, without prejudice and partiality. 1 Tim. v. 21.
O God of Sabaoth, Thou Lord of Hosts,
Prosper and strengthen all Christian armies against the enemies of our most holy faith.

Grant to
All the people of this kingdom, to be subject to their prince, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake, Rom. xiii. 5.
Husbandman and dealers in cattle, fruitful seasons,
The navy and fishermen, calm seas and happy passage, 
Tradesmen, grace, not to overreach one another,
Artificers and workmen, even to the poorest beggars, to do their work, and deal uprightly in their vocations.
O God, the God not of as alone, but also of our seed, 
Bless all the youth among us, that they may grow up in wisdom and stature, and favour with God and men. S. Luke ii. 52.
O Thou, who eommandest us to provide for our own, 1 Timoth. v. 8, and hatest them who are without natural affection,
Remember, O Lord, all my kindred according to the flesh ; Rom. ix. 3.
Grant that I may speak peso to them, and seek their good.

O Thou, who wiliest us to recompense them who do good to us,
Remember, O Lord, for good all whom I have received any benefit from;
Preserve them, and keep them alive, that they may be blessed upon earth; and deliver Thou not them into the will of their enemies. Psal. xli. 2.
O Thou, who hast taught us, that he who provideth not for his own house is worse than an infidel, 2 Tim. v. 8.
Remember, according to Thy good pleasure, all in my family;
Peace be to my house,
The Son of peace be with all therein. S. Luke x. 5, 6.
O Thou, who hast commanded, that our righteousness exceed the righteousness of sinners, S. Matt. v. 20.

Grant, O Lord,
                  {Love them that love me. S. Matt. v. 45.
That I may   {I never forsake mine, or my parents' friends, and the children of those friends.
O Thou, who hast commanded us to overcome evil with good, Rom. xii. 21, and to pray for them who despitefully use us, S. Matt. v. 44.
Be merciful to mine enemies, O Lord, even as to myself; and bring them, with me, unto Thy heavenly kingdom.
Thou, who graciously respectest the prayers of Thy servants, which they make for others;
Remember, O Lord, for good, and shew mercy unto all, who remember me in their prayers; and shew mercy unto all, whom I am desired to remember in mine.
Thou, who in every good work acceptest of a ready mind  2 Corinth. viii. 12.
Remember them, O Lord, who, upon reasonable causes, find no leisure to pray; even as Thou dost them who call upon Thee.
Thou wilt arise and have mercy upon all who are in extreme necessity; for it is time that Thou have mercy upon them; yea, the time is come. Psal. cii. 13.
Be merciful to them, 0 Lord, as to myself in my extremity. 
Be mindful, 
O Lord,
Of   {Infants,   
In extreme age and weakness;
Hungry,      Thirsty,
Naked,         Sick,
Prisoners,      Strangers,
Harbourless,   Unburied
Such as are
Possessed by the Devil, and tempted to make themselves away; 
Vexed with unclean spirits;  Acts . 16.
In despair;
Sick in     {Soul,   
               {Body ;
In prison and bonds; 
Condemned to die;
All Orphans, widows; 
Travellers by  {Land,
Women     {With child,
                {Giving suck;
In hard servitude,
In the   {Mines,
           {Galleys ; 
In solitude
Thou, Lord, shalt save both man and beast. How excellent is Thy mercy, O God ! and, doubtless, the children of men shall put their trust under the shadow of Thy wings, Psal. xxxvi. 7.
The Lord bless us, and keep us; the Lord make His face to shine upon us, and be gracious unto us;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon us, and give us peace. Numb. vi. 24-26.

Lord, I commend unto Thee
{Soul and body,
{Mind and thoughts,
My {Prayers and wishes,
     {Senses and members,
     {Life and death,
My brethren and sisters, and their children, 
My friends  and benefactors, 
My family  and neighbours,
All commended to my prayers,
This my native country, and all Christian people.

Let us lift up our hearts unto the Lord, as it is very meet, right, and our bounden duty that we should in all, and for all things, at all times, in all places, by all means, ever, every where, every way,
Make mention of Thee,
Confess to Thee,
Bless Thee,
Worship Thee,
Praise Thee,
Sing laud to Thee,
Give thanks to Thee,
{Creator,              }
{Nourishes,          } 
{Preserver,           }
{Governor,             }
The {Physician,  }   of all ; 
             {Benefactor,  }
             {Perfecter,     }
             {Lord and Father, }
             {King and God,    }
The     {Fountain of Life and Immortality,
          {The Treasury of eternal good things:
The      {Heavens, and the heavens of heavens,
           {Angels, and all the Celestial Powers sing praise unto;    
           {Uncessantly crying one to another,
(And we, base and unworthy we,
with them, under their feet
Holy, Holy, Holy,
Lord God of Hosts,
Heaven and earth is full of the Majesty of Thy glory. P. Isa. vi. 3.
Blessed be the glory of the Lord from His place. P. Ezech. iii. 12.
For His {Dominion,
                   {Prevision and Providence. 
My God, my
Strength and Stay,
Refuge and Deliverer,
Helper and Defender,
Horn of Salvation,
And, my Lifter up. Psal. xviii. l .
Marianne Dorman
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